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Our working culture is in a state of upheaval - working methods and workplace design have to meet the new requirements. The office architecture of days gone by no longer reflects the spirit of the times, and a completely new set of requirements for spaces and facilities must be defined. Sustainable and socially compatible solutions are required that intelligently bring together people, space and smart technologies. We are convinced of a holistic design approach in which we involve experts from different disciplines in our project work, who not only enrich the result, but make it better...

Our method


Ideas are created in dialog and concepts are developed together. Our proven method consists of 3 milestones.

In user-oriented needs analyses, we develop scenarios that make the future use of space tangible and create an individual work environment that can grow with its users. We start earlier in our projects and accompany our clients in strategic change management, because we know that change needs support.

Listen & Discover

The end result is only as good as the foundation stone of the project. In workshops, simulations and needs analyses, we develop a comprehensive profile of the users' future use of space and ways of working.

Experience & Create

We design individual solutions to create space for creativity. To achieve this, we go new ways and, if necessary, even the extra mile to reach the optimal goal.

RealiSation & Impact

The love of detail drives us. We implement ideas in space and accompany the developed concept until realization.

Let's Talk

ACTINCOMMON is a creative design agency based in Berlin. We design interiors, think spaces and create experiences.
The focus of our work is on the design of new working environments. We provide strategic support in consulting and realise this in spaces. We support companies to create space for creativity...