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An office interior for new work and a "new togetherness" for the Elisabeth Vinzenz Verbund in Berlin.

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The Elisabeth Vinzenz Verbund‍

The Elisabeth Vinzenz Verbund (EVV) is an association of hospitals and care facilities that has its origins in Catholic hospital work. EVV has its headquarters in Berlin and employs around 28,000 staff. The association is one of the largest Catholic hospital organisations in Germany.


The task was to design an attractive office that strengthens a "new togetherness" in the office in times of remote work and home office and offers a meeting place for conferences and events. In other words, to offer maximum flexibility and the ability to change workplaces depending on the activity and the need for exchange on an individual day. Fixed attendance phases are now combined with self-designed home office phases.


After a renovation phase of just under nine months, a modern office was created on the 6th floor of an office building in the Tempelhof district of Berlin, covering more than 1,000 square metres. Employees now find 55 workstations that can be used simultaneously, as well as an open coworking space with an auditorium. Presentations and meetings can be held in a specially designed semi-circle. Three combinable conference rooms offer space for events. Concentrated work is made possible through up to 6 individual workstations. Numerous glass walls and curtain systems were added and combined in order to maximise light access to the rooms. A colour highlight is the "football cathedral" near the open space area with a spacious kitchen. The colour scheme was taken from the brand's diverse Corporate Identity. The focus was to combine high-quality tactile surfaces with a balanced "splash of colours".


"Sky Above Berlin" is an attractive, lively workplace and coworking area that caters for individual and team working needs. It offers various different meeting points where people come together. We introduced features such as a central auditorium for team presentations and informal meetings, a spacious kitchen and furniture arrangements for various work situations.

Dr. Sven U. Langner (Managing Director EVV) is pleased:

“The EVV has clearly gained visibility within the hospital industry in recent years. With the new office space, we have now created a place that not only offers space for the central divisions, but where all our facilities in Berlin feel welcome to meet and work."

photos: © Marcus Zumbansen

artwork "Kicker Kathedrale": Klebebande Berlin

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