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New Work with a local touch.

How new office concepts help a global player to live sustainability with a regional touch.

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New Workplace Concepts

We are currently developing new office concepts and workplace environments at various locations in Germany for a leading international consultancy.


Our brief was as simple as it was challenging…

Create an interior design that combines international competence with a regional presence, that offers employees an inspiring, collaborative working environment and where sustainability is lived!


Together with Corporate Real Estate Management, we examined current working practices, questioned old habits and initiated change. For future working environments we defined general "must-haves" and highlighted regional design differences.


At various locations we are currently implementing flexible and agile office spaces with a unique identity that offer employees an individual and innovative work environment.

We designed a modular set of "office functions" that simplifies the utilisation of new spaces while revitalising unused areas in current buildings through collaborative shared areas. Offices and "home office" now complement each other and truly cater for a hybrid way of working - the presence on site is used specifically for collaboration and the exchange with colleagues.

A significant aspect of our design strategy is the up-cycling and integration of existing furniture through additive elements. This approach allowed for a sustainable and efficient utilisation of resources.

photos: © Marcus Zumbansen

Key Deliverables

Interdisciplinary Workshops

Needs Assessment & Building Analysis

Concept & Design Development

Planning & Tendering