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Home Sweet Home.

Team ACTINCOMMON takes on the client's perspective to designs its own office in Berlin.

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Home Sweet Home

ACTINCOMMON designs innovative work environments.

We strategically guide companies to establish new opportunities within their workplace, to create interiors that foster more creativity and collaboration. We design the new togetherness.


Designing for ourselves meant facing the demanding task of considering countless wishes, surpassing our high expectations, and crafting an innovative, collaborative workspace that encompasses "everything."

Or are we simply the most demanding client?


A lot of passion and many innovative ideas...

We had the unique opportunity to live our own design process, questioning our working methods and rethinking our office. The focus was on collaborative ideation workshops to take different perspectives, determine requirements, and set priorities. The developed ideas served as a blueprint to design innovative layouts for a dynamic and collaborative workspace.


The main focus of the redesign was to promote spontaneous interaction, enhance collaboration, and provide diverse retreat choices. Now, with a range of options, various work styles seamlessly intertwine, offering us increased opportunities for creativity.

photos: © Marcus Zumbansen

Key Deliverables

Interdisciplinary Workshops

Assessment & Inventory Analysis

Concept & Design Development

Planning & Implementation