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How to generate enthusiasm for a smartphone with three pop-up stores and a packed event calendar.

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Meet Google

Since 2016, Google has clearly established itself on the market with its product lines for smart devices. Google has often proven that it is a true pioneer in this field, as well as in their seamless integration of their smart products.


For the launch of the new Google Pixel 3, a brand experience is to be created that brings the brand and the product to life, allowing them to be experienced with all senses. Selected locations in the three largest German cities were to feature the smartphone and its accessories and develop a nationwide appeal.


Within a very demanding time frame, we scouted locations with our partners (Exit Media & Monomango), developed our ideas and realised them in the space.


We developed the Google Pixel Studios - a space experience around the new Google Pixel 3 and other hardware products from Google. In a prominent location, the Pixel 3 could be discovered live over a period of 4 weeks. Interactive showcases and hands-on exhibits were specially designed to showcase the phone's new capabilities. An extensive supporting programme by influencers, makers and musicians provided inspiration and set the stage for the stores again and again. The combination of concerts, workshops, speakers and gaming sessions brought the claim "Can do more, so you can do more!" to life.

Key Deliverables

Pop-up store design

Event Design

Corporate Branding

Planning and implementation