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How to support a corporate culture in the making through agile spaces.

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Meet Mobimeo

Mobimeo was founded as a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG and has set itself the task of combining the industry expertise of a leading mobility company with the agility of a technology start-up. Mobimeo develops digital products that link public transport and sharing services.


As a newly founded start-up, the product and its market launch are central. Especially in the development phase, the number of employees at Mobimeo has increased significantly within a short period of time. This situation, combined with replaceable office spaces, has made it difficult to give Mobimeo a visible profile as an employer.  To develop a suitable corporate culture that meets the social and communicative demands of the employees had to be met. The challenge was not only to develop a working environment that carries the values of the company into the room, but also to develop a sense of belonging among the employees. The goal was to create an environment that supports the employees in their dynamic way of working.


In workshops with the upper management, we sharpened the company profile to present a clear picture of Mobimeo. In the second step of our consultation, the focus was on the actual working methods of the staff. Together with the R&D department, we examined and analysed their processes and working methods to develop an optimal workflow for the employees. The combined results provided us with a detailed profile of the company and its employees to design the optimal working environment.


We designed an office landscape over two floors that promotes an agile workflow and enables working in different team sizes all within near vicinity. We deliberately developed spaces in between that can be used as "shared team spaces" and complement our functional areas, the "colour bars". Due to our alternating arrangement of functional areas and social spaces, we have given employees the opportunity to concentrate on their work or to teamwork. At the same time our design encourages random, spontaneous exchanges among each other and thus strengthening "togetherness".

+++ Selection Iconic Awards Innovative Architecture 2019 +++

Key Deliverables

Needs analysis and user profiling

Brand Building

Concept and design

Planning and implementation